Zero Lost Time Days – Two Years Running

Magic Steel’s employees continue to demonstrate their strong commitment to safety with our Grand Rapids facility having zero lost time days for the second year in a row in 2016.

This accomplishment is the result of many factors:

  • Culture. A culture that encourages safe practices and discourages risk taking.
  • Training. An extensive training program that ensures that good habits are passed on to new employees along with testing and observation to ensure the new employees put the safe methodologies that they are trained in to use.
  • Continuous Improvement. A commitment by everyone at Magic to improve.  When a potentially unsafe condition is identified, a plan to mitigate the issue is developed be it through our suggestion program or incident investigations program of near misses.
  • Safety Audit. Safety audits by external companies to help us identify potential concerns that we may not have been aware of.
  • Preventative Maintenance. A rigorous PM program to identify potential issues before they become a threat.

We would like to thank everyone at Magic Steel for the hard work and effort required to achieve this goal.